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MLG Holdings, LLC is based in Sioux Falls, SD and specializes in small business acquisition and support.

Our primary goal has always been to help our clients achieve the dreams they've had challenges accomplishing in the business world.  We understand it can be very difficult to get the needed financing at times, or simply knowing what steps it takes to start your own business.  We've always taken pride in helping with those dreams, while leaving you in full control of your business.  

We feel you need to spend you're valuable time doing what you do best,  and that's providing a professional service to your customers and clients that you're most comfortable doing. 

We don't get involved with your daily business in hiring employees or how to sell your product.  We offer full accounting services, including payroll and tax help.  We will also provide you with simple legal advice.

We also understand that acquiring adequate capital to get started may be the most stressful part of starting any business.  We will work directly with you and/or the franchise you are looking to start and make that step as stress free as possible.  

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